Lucky Star licensed by Kadokawa and Bandai (full post)

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This bit of news isn’t so hot anymore, but I’d be remiss in my duties as a Kagamiist if I didn’t give it some space on this blog. The comedy series Lucky Star has been licensed for distribution in North America by Kadokawa Pictures USA and Bandai Entertainment, Inc. – the same companies behind this year’s Region 1 DVD release of the hit series Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu.

The announcement came in the form of a teaser released via the fourth (and last) R1 volume of SHnY. I haven’t seen the teaser myself since the DVD isn’t due to hit store shelves until the 6th, but the ANN article that originally reported the licensing deal includes a link to a YouTube version; how and why the teaser was leaked (advance copy? marketing ploy?) is none of my concern. [Minor update: Someone on the ANN forums remarked that RightStuf started shipping SHnY Volume 4 on the 30th to those with pre-orders, which would explain the “leak”.] [Major update (11 November 2007): My copy of SHnY Volume 4 arrived a couple of days ago, and I can now personally confirm the existence of the trailer. Click here to go to my review of the SHnY DVD.]

Like it or loathe it, the anime adaptation of Yoshimizu Kagami‘s popular 4-koma series was one of this year’s biggest hits, so a quick North American release didn’t come as a big surprise. Things may have started out a wee bit too slowly – especially in the face of the elevated expectations of those who were still in a Haruhi-induced KyoAni high (myself included) – but once the series hit its stride the fans just kept begging for more. Lucky Star‘s frequent use of in-jokes and references to contemporary series (such as SHnY) may lead to an undesirably quick dating, but that’s more of a concern for future generations of anime fans. For us in the here and now, the R1 release offers the perfect opportunity to relive those fun-filled spring and summer days we spent with the four charming girls from Saitama.

I only wish these walks down memory lane would stop costing so much money.

UPDATE (07 November 2007): Kadokawa/Bandai have just released an official statement (via ANN) confirming the licence. Click here.

Official Site (Japanese)
Official MySpace Blog (written by “Minoru” for the US DVD release)
Anime News Network – original article / encyclopedia entry
Wikipedia – encyclopedia entry

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  1. I always meant to finish this show. One of these days…

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