The beautiful one has come

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Arise now, all ye faithful, and raise thine arms in rapturous welcome for Nagato Yuki, who brings peace and unending gladness unto all of humanity.

Except those evil bloodsucking tax collectors from the Bureau of Customs, who did arise from the depths of darkness and broke the sacred seals of Nagato’s ark, and who in so doing did disturb her precious hibernation, and did proceed to assess upon her priceless head a tax exceeding a third part of her dutiable value. Away from us, o blasphemers, for yea, thou art accursed through all eternity.

(A pox on the evil customs people.)

Nah, just kidding – the tax was reasonable and it really wasn’t their fault I had to pay it. If curses must be thrown we’re better off throwing them at the people who wrote the tax laws in the first place.

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My apologies in advance for this bland review; I just got out of a major flu strike and I’m still feeling the effects. As I type this, my head is rocking sleepily from side to side and feels rather less secure than Nagato’s – which is not a good thing, as her head is detachable. (More on this later.)

When I removed her from the display carton, one of the first thoughts that went through my head was “Whoa, she’s bigger than I expected”. Up till now I’ve only ever handled those cheap little plastic superhero action toys that pre-teens can’t seem to get enough of, so holding a full 1/8-scale figure was a totally new experience for me.

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I had my doubts when I ordered her from HLJ, but any remaining shreds of unease soon melted away as I reverently placed Nagato on my manga shelf. For the first time, I felt like I could understand why people sometimes end up dumping their life savings on these “toys”. Sure, I still think it’s stupid to drive oneself into penury by acquiring a pricey new figure every other week, but now that I’ve fallen under Nagato’s spell I believe I can at least sympathise with compulsive collectors.

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The detailing is excellent, and far exceeds my expectations for a mass-produced figure. From the locks of hair half-concealing her ears to the delicate bump of her finely chiselled nose, every detail on Nagato’s head looks sharp and distinctly formed.

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The head and upper body must be detached before Nagato’s witch costume can be installed. It felt almost like sacrilege at first, and my feelings of nervousness were compounded by a strong fear that I might cause some irreparable damage as I did the disassembly. In the end, the parts came off smoothly enough and I was able to make the switch without difficulty.

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It’s hard to say which of the two Nagato modes I prefer. Witch Nagato has a childlike, almost impish charm, and needless to say the costume looks great. On the other hand, Book Nagato has a quiet, understated attractiveness that seems so wonderfully appropriate for my glass-fronted bookcase. For now, I’ve decided that Book Nagato will be her default display mode.

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Well, so much for my first figure purchase. I’m still looking forward to December’s 1/8 Kino figure. After that, who knows . . .

4 Responses

  1. Dammit, I wanted a Yuki too :V

    Oh well, I’ll get Ryouko and Kureha by October, and then Fauna by December, then Exelica in January (and before then, I’d already be broke).

  2. hello.”Hazimememasite!”
    I am Jananese.I like nagato, too.

    why do you know about Anime so mach well?
    That’s great.

    “Nihon no hito desuka? Syousetu mo arusi.”

  3. Don’t worry,a few more figurine purchases and you would soon get used to it =p

  4. […] festival on the other. Interestingly, Nagato on the shitajiki looks virtually identical to the MaxFac figurine I got earlier this […]

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