Going down the slippery slope

Remember when I said that MaxFac’s Nagato would be my first and only character figure purchase?

Well, forget what I said. The moment I laid eyes on Kino I knew I had to set aside a place in my anime bookcase just for her.

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Pictures, stats and all the rest are available on Good Smile’s official website. She’s due out in December 2007; I’ve already sent in a pre-order via HLJ. My thanks to doubleblader for bringing her to my attention via this post.

I must say, my otakuhood is developing in ways that I find quite surprising. For one thing, I’ve never really thought of myself as a figure person; all this time I’ve been funneling my money into books, magazines and DVDs. MaxFac’s Nagato was simply a natural consequence of my infatuation with the character – or so I thought at the time. Now I’ve just committed myself to buying a figure that’s months away from being released (ergo, hasn’t even been reviewed yet so I don’t know what I’m getting into) and one that depicts a character who isn’t even among my all-time favourites (although I do have a very high opinion of Kino and the series she came from). Why?

Nothing, really – I just thought the figure looked nice.

Have I crossed into the Dark Side? Are the bells of bankruptcy already pealing for my poor defenceless soul?

May Nagato preserve us all.

7 Responses

  1. Don’t worry,I’m in this together with you. Just preordered her from a local shop just an hour ago ^^

  2. heh, I was never much of a figure person (cost too damn much 😛 ) but it’s every otaku’s dream… probably… to be surrounded by them :p hehe

    oh and just letting ya know, slice of Japan is finally moved to AB.net. so my new addy is http://rin.animeblogger.net 🙂

    p.s. It’s great that you decided to pick up lovely complex 😀 how do you like it so far? there’s only another 4 epi to go before the finale! sigh.

  3. @double: Looks like we might end up spending Christmas in the poorhouse this year. But at least we’ll have Kino for company.

    @rin: Blogroll updated. Have fun in your new home! As for Lovely Complex, it’s chugging along quite nicely: the humour is wonderful and I’m having a lot of fun initiating myself into Kansai-ben.

  4. Oh wow. I’m actually tempted to buy a figure now. 😛

  5. Diego, ahaha, let’s spend Christmas in the poorhouse together.
    Sooner or later, your spending for figures will begin to escalate into the ten thousand-Peso ranges. It’d be too late to stop by then.

  6. @TheBigN: It does look like an interesting hobby (figure collecting, that is). I’m still struggling not to get sucked in too deeply, though – I’m not exactly raking in big bucks right now.

    @Zeroblade: That’s what concerns me. First I’ll tell myself “Okay, maybe just once a year”, then it’ll be like “Once every three months is sustainable”. Before long I’ll be justifying monthly purchases to myself and start writing money-woes posts for my blog (like many other prominent figure collectors).

    Somebody stop me!

  7. […] Smile’s 1/8 PVC figure of Kino (from the anime series Kino no Tabi) several months ago. This beautifully sculpted portrait is due out on Christmas Eve, which doesn’t bode well for its chances of reaching me in […]

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