Discovering テレビドラマ, Part Two – “Lunch Queen”

ランチの女王 (Lunch no Joou, Summer 2002)
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Mugita Natsumi is enjoying a delicious omuraisu when a stranger suddenly drags her out of the restaurant and makes an odd request: play the part of his nonexistent fiancée. The man – Nabeshima Kennichirou – explains that he left his family on bad terms two years previously and now wants to return home, but he’d be allowed back only if he can show a future daughter-in-law to his ailing father. Kennichirou takes her to a charming little restaurant called “Kitchen Macaroni”, which is run by his father and two of his three younger brothers; there she samples an omuraisu served with their trademark demiglace sauce (instead of the usual ketchup) – and quickly falls in love with the dish.

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