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First, there was one.

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Then there were three.

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Now the gang’s all here.

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Of course I had to get Nagato’s character CD right away, so she was the first Brigade member to grace my shelves. That was probably around September or October of last year. Asakura’s CD got raves (perfectly justified, after listening to COOL EDITION) and Tsuruya-san – well, good or bad, I just had to have LOL Fang-tan, right? So in they came from Amazon.co.jp, arriving just in time for Christmas 2006. And the buying stopped there.

Fast-forward to summer 2007. My sister, a rabid NEWS fan, caught wind of an upcoming DVD release featuring footage of the group’s most recent concert tour and immediately placed a pre-order on YesAsia. Naturally she chose to have the thing shipped via DHL Express, which requires a hefty per-package fee – so to get every dollar’s worth out of the fixed component of the postage costs we agreed that I might as well order something with her.

Enter Suzumiya, Asahina, Kyon’s Sister, Kimidori, Koizumi and Kyon.

The Brigade is now complete.

Excuse me while I park myself in front of the CDs and stare at them in an intensely possessive manner. I shall do my very best not to drool with delight.

(Reviews of selected CDs to follow, of course.)


P.S.: I’m sorry for the poor lighting in those pictures – there’s a typhoon somewhere to the north of the Philippines and the skies over Manila are as grey as lead. I couldn’t get the scene bright enough even with both ceiling lamps on, and the camera flash produced some glaring reflections. If the sun peeks through the clouds later today I might redo the images.

UPDATE (19 August 2007): Images replaced. The clouds lifted somewhat today, and I relocated my shoot to the staircase landing between 2F and 3F (huge window = more light).

9 Responses

  1. Wow,you actually got all of them. Anyway,how much was the total damage done?

  2. I took a hit, but not a life-threatening one.

    The first three (Nagato, Asakura and Tsuruya) cost JPY1,143 each on Amazon.co.jp, excluding postage and taxes. I got the rest from YesAsia for US$12.49 each, also excluding postage and taxes. So the total bill adds up to over US$100 list, maybe US$150 with shipping and customs duties.

    On balance, YesAsia probably gave me the better deal. The list prices on Amazon.co.jp were better in US$ terms but postage/other costs were lower per unit from YesAsia.

  3. omg! I want! must have cost you quite a bit… all 9 volumes, but its a brilliant lil collector set 🙂

  4. Of those CDs, I’d probably only go for the Nagato one myself, since I liked both of her tracks on the album. :3

  5. Yeah, our favourite data-crunching alien is a clear winner. I haven’t tried out any of the new CDs yet (too busy with work and stuff) so I can’t comment on them, but of the first three I’d say Nagato’s is the best of the lot. I especially like “Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite”.

    Asakura’s “COOL EDITION” isn’t half bad, though. One of my all-time favourite character songs, in fact.

  6. Of the character songs, I like SELECT? out of the two.

  7. wow…..envy…*must get!!

  8. […] a second season for the anime series. We have a manga adaptation, three radio dramas, a drama CD, nine character albums – the list just keeps going on and there’s simply no end in sight, at least not for the […]

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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