Why you might (just might) see less of me in the next few weeks

In one of my previous posts I wrote that I am a man of varied interests. Anime is one of those areas of interest and currently takes up most of my spare time, but there are others with a far longer history (including some, such as numismatics, that date back to my childhood years). One of these is the Third Punic War (149-146 B.C.) – the last great confrontation between Rome and her old arch-rival, Carthage.

I’ve done a fair amount of research about PWIII over the last few years. Some of the results of my work have been published in my old geocities website Third Punic War and as articles on the Wiki Classical Dictionary. My core project is a comprehensive timeline charting the events that took place during the war and leading up to it, with full documentation linking each event to key ancient sources (such as the histories of Appian and Polybius); sections of the timeline have been published in AncientWorlds (links available through Third Punic War). I haven’t done any substantial work on PWIII for over two years now, but a quick revisit of my references in the last few months led to a resurgence of interest in the subject.

Today I revisited my old site and all the other places mentioned above. (Thank goodness I managed to remember my passwords!) With my publications back under my control, I decided that having them in a WordPress account will make the process of updating and completing these articles – and my timeline project in particular – much easier. I have now begun the process of transferring all the research I’ve ever done about PWIII to a new WordPress blog, also titled Third Punic War. I know it won’t be of much interest to most of my regular readers, but you are all welcome to visit.

And of course, if anyone out there is also interested in this subject, I would greatly appreciate your inputs.

Naturally, because of this new project my attention will be divided between anime and PWIII over the next few weeks. I shall try to uphold my usual blogging rate (i.e. one or two articles a week, usually around the weekends), but in the event of a prolonged absence at least you’ll know one of the possible reasons behind it.

Ave atque vale.

3 Responses

  1. Hmm, I might use it as a reference for my world history class, but it’s only a minor area in the entire topic of the history of Rome.

  2. Yeah, when it comes to history I have a tendency to get hooked on very specific events. For example, in the era of the Roman Republic I’m specifically interested in the Third Punic War and the exploits of the Gracchus brothers (and to a lesser degree the First/Second Triumvirates). Moving on to the Imperial era, I’ve done a lot of reading on the Vesuvian eruption of 79 AD. Closer to our own time, I’m particularly obsessed with the Titanic disaster of 1912 and the 1945 massacre at the De La Salle College (now DLSU).

  3. Well, to each his own. I myself have some slight interest in World War II and the Cold War.

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