Discovering テレビドラマ, Part One – “Nodame Cantabile”

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A few months ago, on the basis of strong recommendations from several trusted sources – imouto-chan included – I dipped my toe into what was then for me the alien world of Japanese live-action television dramas. But instead of quickly pulling out my foot in disgust (which pretty much sums up my initial expectations), I ended up falling in and getting hopelessly sucked under.

August 2007. I now have four titles under my belt and two under consideration for active viewing. Not an impressive tally by any means, but it’s enough of a track record for me to include the occasional J-drama write-up on this blog. To start things off, I shall publish a series of posts in which I’ll briefly describe each of the four series I’ve actively followed so far. Today the spotlight falls on Fuji TV’s Nodame Cantabile, originally broadcast in October-December 2006.

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