The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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Konno Makoto is an ordinary high school girl in Tokyo . . .

Sound familiar? Well, it should – about half the anime/manga you’ll ever see in your life will start on a similar note. And there’s a fair chance that for many of them, the synopsis will continue as follows:

. . . until members of a top-secret, government-/privately-/US-/UN-/CIA-/[insert backer of your choice]-funded organisation reveal that she is actually a space-time witch/giant robot operator/lost princess of a faraway kingdom/magic chef and that she must fulfill her (usually long-prophesied) destiny of saving the world from aliens/meteors/zombies/flesh-eating bugs/pretty much anything that can destroy mankind – while living in an all-male dormitory crammed with bishounen soldiers/ninja/athletes/wizards with ugly “Western” names (e.g. Count Michele Telethonne Pyrite von Jingleheimer) who are prepared to kill each other in order to win her hand.

I’m pleased to report that Toki o Kakeru Shoujo isn’t one of them.

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