Nagato at the gates!

It’s here.

The SOS Brigade is out to conquer the world.

My copy arrived yesterday afternoon. As of this moment, my head is still floating on a cloud of residual bliss left over from when I sliced the box open to reveal the priceless treasure within.

Detailed post to follow (maybe). For now, please leave me in peace to savour the glorious vision of Nagato on a big-screen TV.

But here’s a parting shot to whet your appetite: They’ve included extra scenes!

3 Responses

  1. Interesting to see that sell Haruhi stuff.

  2. Their selection isn’t nearly as broad as that of or any of the Japan-based online stores, but it’s pretty good all the same. In addition to the special/regular edition R1 DVDs, they have a nice (though rather limited) range of Japanese imports including most of the character CDs, a number of Atelier Sai figurines, soundtracks and keychains. I’d say it’s a testament to the broad reach of Haruhiism that there’s enough of a market in the US for even a big-name retailer like Amazon to put stuff like this on sale.

    Of course, since I live in Asia it’s more convenient (and generally cheaper) to get most of the imports directly from Japan, which is precisely what I did for some of the CDs and the official fanbook. I only use Amazon US for R1 DVD releases.

  3. […] I really should’ve put up this post on 03 June, one year to the day I published the entry that started the virtually uninterrupted flow of net noise that’s been pouring out of this […]

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