Sweatdropping my way to oblivion

Setting the original launch date for January 1st was a terrible miscalculation. First, January marks the beginning of the three- to four-month busy season for whatever my occupation happens to be (I’ve resolved not to write about my job on this blog unless absolutely necessary – or unless it’s to complain about the pay or the unreasonable hours). Second, none of the series on the winter 2006-2007 anime season roster has so far managed to pique my interest; hence, the amount of material I can blog about is severely limited at the moment. (This may change as the series are released and I find a drop or two of sweet ambrosia mixed in with the dregs, but I’ve seen nothing that would change my mind just yet.)

I suppose there’s really no need for me to make any excuses at this point. As a work-in-preparation, this blog remains unadvertised (except for a link on my sister’s blog), which means that I don’t expect anyone to even know that it exists. If you do manage to find it (either because I mentioned it to you or because you clicked the link on my sister’s blog), you’re more than welcome to look around, although one shouldn’t expect too much activity until the spring 2007 anime season kicks into high gear. In the meantime, my posts will consist mainly of settling-in stuff; e.g. experimenting with HTML effects, practising with screencaps and other illustrations, etc.

Oh, and while I’m here I might as well say it: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Happy New Year! =) Just dropped by.

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