Terra trémuit . . .

The Resurrection of Christ by Raphael

. . . et quiévit, dum resúrgeret in iudício Deus, allelúia.

- Offertory of the Mass of Easter Sunday

Diego wishes you, your family, and all your loved ones a very happy Easter.

Yuki Miku at the Yuki Matsuri

06Feb14 Sapporo Yuki Matsuri Odori 033

I was in Sapporo this past February for the 2014 Yuki Matsuri. Even though the star attractions were undoubtedly the massive snow sculptures lining the city’s large Ōdōri Park, it was impossible to ignore a little mahō shōjo who ruled over a tiny corner of the festival venue.

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Diego’s day at COMITIA 107


More than three years after his first dōjin convention experience, Diego darkens the halls of Tōkyō Big Sight a second time in search of art to appreciate. (Or heap quiet mental scorn upon.)

Here’s his account of COMITIA 107.

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Greeting the new year K-ON style

As the first hours of daylight in 2014 – or whatever of it manages to filter through all that firework haze – fills the skies over his corner of the world, Diego happily wishes you all the best in the year ahead.

In mundo erat . . .

The Adoration of the Shepherds by Charles Le Brun

. . . et mundus per ipsum factus est, et mundus eum non cognóvit. In própria venit, et sui eum non recepérunt. Quotquot autem recepérunt eum, dedit eis potestátem fílios Dei fíeri, his, qui credunt in nómine ejus: qui non ex sanguínibus, neque ex voluntáte carnis, neque ex voluntáte viri, sed ex Deo nati sunt.

Diego wishes you, your family, and all your loved ones a very happy Christmas.

Oh, I just happened to be in town . . .

. . . and picked up one of these.

Is what I’d like to say in a few months’ time, anyway.

I’m deep into planning a trip to Sapporo for the 2014 Yuki Matsuri, but the festival’s link with the nendoroid incarnation of a certain very famous – and very nonexistent – singer completely escaped my notice until this morning. (Tip of the hat to ANN for carrying the story.)

Truth be told, I’m not particularly fond of next year’s design; the second and third versions rank far higher in my book. But hey, if I can get the chance to snag one of these right on Miku’s home turf, I won’t be complaining too loudly.




New promotional art and other details have gone up on the official COMITIA website for the dōjinshi convention’s 107th iteration, scheduled to take place on the 2nd of February 2014. I’m planning to attend this one as part of a two-week winter holiday, moving on to Sapporo afterwards for the Yuki Matsuri and other snow festivals in nearby cities.

To know more about the event and what to expect, check out this post documenting my attendance at COMITIA 94.


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